I brought my car in for a quick fix because I thought the window was off its track . Dan had a mechanic look at it immediately and found that an actual plastic part was broken. They made a temporary fix and said they would call me back with a quote for repair and I went on my way. Within an hour we had the estimate. Dan then asked me when there was a convenient time to bring the car back in as well as asking me if I needed transportation after dropping my car off. A week later, I brought the car in and Dan asked again if I needed transportation and if I had a deadline for the car. I declined transportation and said there was not any hurry. He thanked me and said the day was pretty busy and he would call when it was done. To my surprise, he called me that afternoon and said the car was fixed and the cost was less than estimated. It was close to quitting time so he parked the car out front and said to take it if I was in town and that we would settle up after the weekend. This is why I have remained a customer with the Keith Cox Autobahn since I bought my first car from him in 2007. Chuck Luttrell

4 Keith Cox Autobahn 7/24/2017

Great service!

5 Keith Cox Autobahn 7/20/2017

Consistently great service with a personal touch.

5 Keith Cox Autobahn 7/17/2017

Always excellent service!

5 Keith Cox Autobahn 7/15/2017

It's not often that you can VIEW pictures of the service provided. It's kind of interesting to see what was done.

5 Keith Cox Autobahn 7/12/2017

Keith Cox has always taken care of me, even fixing an issue that had been unsolvable by two prior mechanic shops. This visit was no exception. Thanks again!

5 Keith Cox Autobahn 7/8/2017

Thanks to Dan and Keith Cox. They care about their customers and provide quality car care. My 🚗Is very happy. This is an automotive place you can trust.

5 Keith Cox Autobahn 6/30/2017

Always pleased with the good service.

5 Keith Cox Autobahn 6/29/2017

These guys are fabulous. Full stop.

5 Keith Cox Autobahn 6/28/2017

Always happy to help

5 Keith Cox Autobahn 6/22/2017