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Dear Keith Cox Autobahn Friends

After conferring with State and local officials and based on the relatively small number of personal interactions involved in our daily operation we have decided to continue to function and will be open regular hours. We have taken aggressive measures to sanitize surfaces that are prone to human touch and will do so on a continuing basis. In addition we will make certain that as we interface with you at the counter, handle your keys, answer questions and clean your car and take payment we will maintain proper distance and sanitize the touch points in your car. We are committed to your safety and well being and will comply with any restrictions imposed by authorities.


Vehicles we service

We are dedicated to German automobile service and maintenance, including Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, MINI Cooper and Volkswagen. Additionally, we offer a select number of used vehicles for sale.

Branded Cars

Our Story

The Keith Cox Autobahn story…

Keith first sold late model Volkswagens and Audis from a small house on James Street. Later, he moved to Auto Row, opened a full-service department and expanded to include the makes BMW, MINI Cooper and Mercedes-Benz.


In 2008, Keith Cox Autobahn moved to our current facility at 1814 Ellis Street and purposefully shifted the emphasis from sales to service and repair. We continue to stock a few select cars for sale, but we are intentional about the care and service of German vehicles. We believe that in the long run it is better and more cost-effective to maintain a good quality vehicle than it is to simply purchase a new one. Vehicles are engineered to go for hundreds of thousands of miles if properly maintained, and we take pride in keeping those vehicles road-worthy and safe.

Now Servicing Asian and Domestic Vehicles!

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Service And Repair

European Auto Service & Repair in Bellingham

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We keep you in the drivers seat and welcome you into the decision making process about the repair and upkeep of your car. We let you know what we believe is the best course of action, but also give you options that fit your situation and budget. Whether you’re in need of a simple oil change or seeking a larger scheduled service, we always give you a complete picture of what’s needed, a thorough cost estimate and a no-hassle warranty for each job. We talk you through the entire process and keep you informed along the way. There are a lot of other things that make us unique, including shuttle services, free loaner cars, a warranty that exceeds industry standards and much, much more. Learn more about what makes us different.

Expertise & Advanced Equipment

we’re blessed with a long-term, dedicated technical team that is trained and skilled in the repair and maintenance of European cars. We have invested in the best diagnostic equipment from manufacturers and independent providers. Whether you need tires, shocks, brakes, an alignment or major repairs, we offer the highest quality auto parts and labor to get you back on the road safely and economically.

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