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Posted on January 15, 2021 by Carson Wileman
BMW Oil Light On Dashboard

The engine is the beating heart of your BMW. The engine converts the fuel in the car to energy that will ultimately move the car. Oil flows through the engine to keep all the parts working smoothly. However, over time dirt can accumulate and create a sludge that will hinder your engine’s efficacy. When this happens, your BMW’s engine could lead to worsening damage and further complications.

In this article, we will summarise some initial symptoms that signal your BMW is in need of an oil change. We will also offer you advice on any next steps needed to preserve your BMW’s highest quality performance.

Initial Symptoms That Signal the Need for an Oil Change

Below are some of the first symptoms that will indicate your BMW engine is in need of an oil change. Changing out the oil is a very common maintenance service for all vehicles. It is necessary for fundamental operating of your BMW as well as preserving its high quality comforts and performance.

To ensure that your BMW and its engine continues to run smoothly every time you drive, look out for these warning symptoms below so that you may take preventative measures against deterioration of your vehicle’s drivability:

  • Oil Light on Dashboard is On: Pay attention to the signals on your dashboard as they can often signify car issues before any physical sound, visual, or smell is detected by you. If your oil light is on, it is a sign that you may have a potential problem with the engine mechanics of your BMW as well as a reminder you are due for an oil change.
  • Visually See Dirty or Cloudy Oil: One of the easiest ways to check if you need an oil change is to visually assess your engine’s oil. If the oil has dirt in it or is cloudy, it could lead to sludge clogging the engine mechanisms. This can escalate to further breakdown of the vehicle’s internal parts. It is recommended you schedule regular inspection appointments at a trusted BMW automotive specialist to ensure your safety and performance.
  • Unnatural Sounds Coming From the Engine: Additionally, if the engine starts to make some tapping and repetitive sounds, it could be a sign that your oil is no longer efficient to keep the engine smoothly running.
  • Smoky Smell: A more severe symptom of needing an oil change is if you see smoke emanating from the exhaust that accompanies the unnatural noises described previously. This should not be occurring and requires expert attention immediately.
  • Inefficient Fuel Use: Sludge can be formed when oil becomes dirty and is not changed on time. This sludge can make your engine less efficient by making it more difficult for the engine to convert fuel to power. Thus, the vehicle may attempt to compensate by using more fuel than usual and leading to poor gas mileage.

It is important to consult your driver’s manual and seek out expert opinion should you observe any of these symptoms.

Keith Cox Autobahn Can Conduct Your BMW’s Oil Change

Keith Cox Autobahn is a trusted source for BMW service and repair work. We are the top place to make an appointment BMW Engine Oil Change for the best oil change for BMW drivers in the Bellingham, WA and surrounding areas.

Our German automobile specialists use the latest factory grade tools and materials to provide quality, award winning repairs for your BMW and other European car models such as Audi, Mercedes, Mini, and Volkswagen. We follow your car’s unique maintenance service program in order to deliver the highest quality services for your BMW possible.

We are also committed to keeping you informed and in the driver’s seat. We give you a complete picture of your vehicle’s diagnostics, recommended maintenance, and our process of repairs. With our expertise and advanced equipment, we promise you will have a superior customer experience.

If you would like us to perform an oil change for your BMW or would like to learn more about our other specialty services, please feel free to call. We are happy to answer your questions and look forward to servicing your BMW and all of your automotive maintenance needs.

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