How to Fix the Gear Selector Issues in Your Mercedes

Posted on July 6, 2019 by Carson Wileman
Mercedes Gear Selector Issues

Owning a Mercedes car or SUV is a luxury that you have earned by working hard. You have rewarded yourself with a vehicle that is built to last and that will look good while doing it. You chose a Mercedes because it has a sleek and unique design that matches that of its interior. All of this is complemented by an engine that is built for performance. While Mercedes vehicles are very reliable, over the years of owning your vehicle there are going to be issues that arise. One of those issues may be the gear selector. Below you will find information about what the gear selector is, the signs and causes of a failing gear selector, and how to fix it.

What is the Gear Selector?

The gear selector is also known as the gear shifter, but for the most part this component is referred to as the gear selector when speaking about vehicles with automatic transmission. In your Mercedes vehicle, the gear selector is usually located in the front of the car between the driver and passenger seats. The gear selector is the component that allows you to move your Mercedes vehicle from park to reverse to drive. In order for you to be able to drive your Mercedes, the gear selector needs to be functioning properly.

Signs and Causes of a Failing Gear Selector

As your Mercedes vehicle gets older, one issue that may arise is one having to do with the gear selector. Unfortunately, this is a very common issue in Mercedes, so it is beneficial for you to know the signs and symptoms that point to the gear selector failing or malfunctioning. The main indicator that your gear selector is having issues is if you have difficulty changing gears.

In your automatic Mercedes vehicle, this means that you may notice a hesitation when attempting to change gears. In this instance, hesitation means that the gear will not automatically change when you are moving the gear shaft from one position to the next. You may attempt to change from park to reverse and your Mercedes will not go smoothly into that position. Another indication that you should be aware of is that your Mercedes will struggle or jerk as it is attempting to accelerate or decelerate.

Your gear selector may also have issues if the valve body malfunctions. The valve body is the part of the gear selector that extends into the component, connects with the gears, and changes them. If this part is having issues then you will be unable to change the gears or struggle when attempting to do so.

Another potential issue can be that the valve body does not have enough hydraulic fluid. The hydraulic fluid allows you to easily change the gears in your Mercedes vehicle. The hydraulic fluid is what helps to make the gear changing function seamless. Changing gears is something you do every time you drive, whether it’s moving from park into drive or reversing out of a parking spot, so you’ll certainly notice if those movements become difficult.

Fixing the Gear Selector

If you know that you are extremely savvy when it comes to mechanics and fixing cars, then you can always attempt to repair or replace the gear selector if it is having issues. If you choose to do so, then make sure that you have the right tools and take care because you want to prevent damaging other parts of your Mercedes in the process.

Of course, not everyone is mechanically savvy, and if that is you then it is best to take your Mercedes in to a professional to have the gear selector maintained and service. Here Mercedes Mechanic Checking Gear Issues at Keith Cox Autobahn, we are those professionals who will always take proper care of your Mercedes vehicle without breaking the bank.

Conveniently located in Bellingham, WA, our specially trained and certified technicians specialize in all types of German vehicles. We will run diagnostics on your Mercedes in order to determine the proper cause behind the issues with the gear selector. Once the cause has been identified, our technicians will go over the options you have in regards to making the necessary repairs. We always include you in the repair process and only do the changes and repairs that you agree upon. It is your vehicle and we always respect how you want to handle it. This way you leave happy and satisfied.

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