How to Fix Your Audi’s Engine Misfiring

Posted on July 22, 2019 by Carson Wileman
Audi Engine Misfire

Who doesn’t love seeing an Audi drive down the highway? This sporty yet sophisticated vehicle is known to turn heads and open wallets. From its gorgeous design to undeniable power, many people find themselves Audi owners for life.

Unfortunately, the Audi brand is known for its fair share of issues. Not to mention, due to the high level of engineering in its design, it’s a pretty high-maintenance car. One of the main issues that many Audi owners face has to do with frequent misfiring. This challenging yet common problem poses a real threat to the health of your engine.

If you’re experiencing frequent misfires with your engine, let’s first consider the contributing reasons and how you can address them.

What Does it Mean When Your Engine Misfires?

Your engine is a well-oiled machine with a strategic way of doing things. There are specific processes, or steps, that help deliver power to the engine, ensuring your car operates effectively. When your engine skips one of these steps, this interrupts the combustion cycle, thus causing the engine to misfire. A few of the most common signs of a misfire are rough jerks or shakes.

The source of your misfire greatly depends on the type. Many Audi owners experience lean, ignition, or mechanical misfires during the lifespan of their vehicle.

How to Diagnose Your Misfire

One of the most common signs of an engine misfire, as mentioned above, are sharp jerks or a sudden shaking, which usually passes quickly. If this doesn’t occur in a way that you can physically feel, the flash of your “check-engine” light is a good indication.

Contributing Factors to Engine Misfires

Pushing the Limits

Although it’s fun to see how far you can push your Audi, this puts a world of pressure on your engine. Often, pushing your car to the limit is one of the leading causes of your engine misfiring. With that in mind, although tempting, don’t engage in highway races or doing donuts in your neighborhood parking lot.

Faulty Spark Plugs

Your spark plugs play a major role in keeping your engine healthy. However, every 80,000 miles or so, they need to be replaced. Faulty, damaged, or particularly old spark plugs can directly impact how well your engine works, thus causing frequent misfires.

If you want to fix this problem yourself, you need to have a little car experience. Locate your spark plugs and assess their condition. If they appear worn or damaged, it’s best you find a replacement immediately. If you’re not so familiar with the inner workings of a car, take it to your Audi professional. They’ll be able to properly diagnose your issue and provide a comprehensive replacement.

Worn Spark Plug Wires

Just like your spark plugs, your spark plug wires need to be in pristine condition. When they’re worn out, they can can contribute to frequent misfires. Much like your spark plugs, you can easily replace them yourself. However, since the Audi car is relatively high-maintenance, it’s best to have this issue handled by a skilled professional.

Faulty Fuel Injector

Your engine runs on fuel. This fuel is delivered by a specialized injector. Over time, this piece can become damaged, interrupting the delivery process. This could lead to dangerous vacuum leaks. Once oil or other forms of debris leak into your engine, total mayhem is bound to ensue — often, mayhem in the form of misfiring.

One of the best ways to repair this problem is to replace your fuel injector. Since this piece plays such a vital role in your car’s performance, it’s highly suggested that you let a professional handle it.

The Take-Away

When your engine pieces are worn or Audi Engine Issue Check damaged, this can lead to frequent misfires. Having them assessed by an Audi professional is key to preventing irreversible damage. Not to mention, addressing engine issues early will save you thousands of dollars in possible repairs down the line.

Because the Audi brand is so finicky, it’s highly suggested that you get your car professionally serviced on a consistent basis. This includes being aware of who you trust with your vehicle. Find a team of experts who are experienced with the Audi brand and know the type of care it needs.

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