Reasons for Differential Failure in a Mercedes

Posted on February 10, 2020 by Carson Wileman
Mercedes Differential

The differential in your Mercedes serves a very important purpose. It is part of the overall axle assembly. The axle is the shaft that your wheels use to rotate around. The differential allows the wheels of an axle to turn at different speeds at the same time. For example, when you turn a corner or go around a curve, the outside wheels have to rotate cover more distance than the inside wheels. The differential is the component which allows for this variance.

This component is susceptible to failure and breakdowns just as any other in your vehicle. When the differential fails, it not only results in poor driving performance but also potentially unsafe operating conditions.

Reasons for Differential Failure

There are a few common reasons for a failure in your differential. Of course, one of the leading causes of failure is simple wear and tear that accompanies the age of your automobile. This process is normal with various makes and models of vehicles.  Additionally, extreme amounts of water can be a very damaging agent when it comes to the differential. If you drive through flooded roads with high standing water, it can get into the seals and vents of the differential, causing a premature breakdown. Other reasons include utilizing the wrong lubricant as well as suffering from U-joint seizure due to excessive vibration.

Symptoms of a Differential Problem

Burning smell from the differential

This smell can be the result of various problems, which can include oil leaking from a damaged seal, malfunctioning barrier, or an overheating gearbox. Improper lubrication can cause the metal components of the differential to burn oil when it is met with high temperatures.

Noisy or unusual sounding transmission/differential

If the gear oil is extremely dirty or too old, it will cause unusual noises. Whining or howling from the gears as they turn means that there is a lack of proper lubrication. As you go faster, these noises may get louder. Your Mercedes should be checked immediately if you begin to hear these noises to prevent further damage.

Jerking transmission

When your transmission jerks, it could be the result of several potential malfunctions. However, low differential oil levels can lead to slipping or grinding of the gears, which creates the jerking you feel when driving the automobile.

Allowing your vehicle to go past recommended service mileage for gear oil

Each make and model comes with a guideline that recommends when the gear oil should be changed. Old oil can become dirty, resulting in less protection and more wear and tear on the differential.

Mercedes-Benz is a line known for unsurpassed style, innovative technology, state-of-the-art safety features, and its sleek design. They set the bar incredibly high for the standards of high-quality automobiles. However, a failing differential in your Mercedes is an ailment that must be promptly addressed to avoid more serious and costly problems. Due to the unique engineering of these German automobiles, it is important to choose a reputable auto care center that understands the specific service requirements of these vehicles and can make the repairs quickly with affordable pricing.

Mercedes Gear Oil Change

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