Repairing BMW Vacuum Hose Leaks in Bellingham

Posted on February 27, 2020 by Keith Cox
BMW Vacuum Hose Leaks Signs

All BMW vehicles are known for the standards they set and break when compared to the other vehicles in its class, and you know that yours provides you with an unforgettable experience every time you drive it. Part of ensuring that your BMW remains in top condition is by keeping up with the proper maintenance and servicing schedule. One part in particular that you should always keep your eye on is the vacuum hose. If a leak were to spring from it, you’ll notice an immediate decrease in performance.

The vacuum hoses are flexible rubber connections that are used to transport manifold vacuum to different locations and compartments throughout your BMW. There are many parts in your BMW that require a vacuum to function, so in order to reach each of these areas, there are many vacuum hoses all throughout your BMW.

Some features that use manifold vacuum to power them include the windshield wiper motor and the vacuum brake booster. In order to ensure that each of these parts remain functioning correctly, leaks should not occur. However, the more use your BMW gets, the more likely it will for leaks to occur. Below, let’s discuss the signs and causes of vacuum hose leaks.

Signs Of Vacuum Hose Leaks

Being able to identify the signs of a vacuum hose leak is the first step in recognizing when it is time to bring your BMW in for service. Here are 2 of the most common signs:

Check Engine Light

The first sign that will alert you to a vacuum hose leak may be the check engine light. This light on your dashboard will illuminate if there is an issue under the hood that needs addressing. This includes the vacuum hose and a leak that can occur. The vacuum hoses and the parts that they are connected to are monitored by the computer in your BMW. So if there is something amiss with one or more of the hoses, the computer will alert you to this by illuminating the check engine light.

Stalling and Trouble Starting

The second sign that may point to a leak in the vacuum hose has to do with the air-to-fuel ratio that is required for your BMW to run. For optimal performance, there is a specific ratio of air-and-fuel that is required for the engine. So if there is a leak in one of the vacuum hoses, then the correct ratio will not be able to be acquired due to the lack of air. This imbalance will lead to your BMW stalling, and eventually, it won’t be able to start.

Causes Of Vacuum Hose Leaks

It is also beneficial to know what some of the causes are so you can have a conversation with the trained BMW mechanic on how to proceed with repairs:

Damaged Vacuum Hoses

The most common cause of a vacuum hose leak is damaged hoses. The vacuum hoses weave their way through different parts in and around the engine, so they are exposed to high heat. So seeing how the hoses are rubber, there is always the potential that they could melt in some places or become damaged, leading to a leak.

Worn out Seals and Gaskets

In order to keep the hoses in their proper place, they have seals and gaskets connected to them. Just as seals and gaskets are used to ensure that fluid stays in and prevents debris from coming into those weak spots, the seals act the same way, but for the air that flows through the vacuum hoses. If the seals and gaskets have worn out, then they will no longer be airtight. This is another means for a leak in the vacuum hoses.

BMW Vacuum Hose Leaks Fix

Repairing Vacuum Hose Leaks

It is important to choose the best place to solve the problem of a vacuum hose leak in your BMW. With this in mind, Keith Cox Autobahn is the best selection for this type of repair. We are located in Bellingham, WA, and believe that vehicles can be built to last if they are receiving the proper maintenance and care. This is why we focus on keeping German vehicles safely on the road and drivable for longer periods of time. So when you bring your BMW in to have the vacuum hose leak addressed, you can be assured that we will have you back on the road quickly and safely.

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