Signs of Oil Leaks From the Engine of Your Volkswagen

Posted on November 7, 2021 by Carson Wileman
Volkswagen Engine Oil Leak

Volkswagens are known for being some of the most reliable and efficient vehicles on the market, but unfortunately, they may still fall prey to engine oil leaks. If your Volkswagen begins to leak oil, you may find yourself dealing with engine smoke, overheating, or even complete engine failure.

These issues can be quite dangerous, so in order to prevent them, you should aim to identify and fix oil leaks as soon as they pop up. To help you with this, we’ve compiled everything you need to know about the symptoms of and solutions for engine oil leaks.

Common Symptoms of Engine Oil Leaks

Engine oil leaks often produce a variety of symptoms, several of which may appear in combination with each other. First of all, one of the most common signs of an engine oil leak is blue smoke coming from the exhaust pipe. If your Volkswagen’s oil drips into its exhaust pipe, it will combine with the heated chemicals in the system to generate blue smoke. Although this smoke isn’t necessarily dangerous in its own right, it is a clear symptom that your vehicle’s engine is leaking oil.

Similarly, engine oil leaks may also cause smoke to emit from underneath your vehicle’s hood. Occasionally, when oil leaks out of your vehicle’s engine, it may land on heated components nearby. This will cause the oil to burn, producing both smoke and a foul smell. If you notice either of these symptoms, you should have your vehicle’s engine examined by a professional mechanic.

Additionally, another common symptom of engine oil leaks is puddles of brown liquid forming in your driveway, garage, or other regular parking spots. The larger the puddle is, the larger the leak is, so if you notice a sizable puddle of oil forming underneath your vehicle, you should likely address the problem right away. However, regardless of size, these puddles are always a sure-fire indication that your vehicle is leaking oil and may require repairs.

Finally, a fourth common symptom of engine oil leaks is increased oil loss. If you follow the recommended schedule for changing your vehicle’s oil, you should only need to top off your vehicle’s oil levels on occasion. Therefore, if you find that you are regularly having to add more oil to your vehicle, your Volkswagen is almost certainly suffering from an engine oil leak. As such, if you notice that your vehicle is frequently running low on oil, you should have a technician examine the engine to find the source of the problem. Not only will this prevent you from spending extra money on oil, but it will also help you keep your Volkswagen’s engine from overheating due to oil loss.

Fixing the Problem

Ultimately, the best way to deal with engine oil leaks is by preventing them in the first place. Luckily, there are several steps you can take to accomplish this. First, you should be sure to keep up with your vehicle’s recommended maintenance schedule, especially when it comes to oil changes. Not only will this allow you to identify minor oil leaks before they can turn into major ones, but it will also ensure that debris is cleared away before it can cause harm to the system.

Additionally, you should make sure to only fill your vehicle with the appropriate type and amount of oil. By taking these steps, you should be able to prevent most engine oil leaks.

Of course, even if you follow proper prevention techniques, the occasional oil leak may still spring up. If this happens, you may wish to identify the location of the leak yourself, as doing so will help you give your mechanic a better idea of the source of the problem. However, you should not attempt to fix the problem on your own. Depending on where the leak is in your Volkswagen’s engine, trying to repair it without adequate tools or knowledge may make the situation worse. Instead of risking this, rely on a professional mechanic to fix the problem for you, as they will be able to do so safely and efficiently.

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