Signs of Valve Cover Oil Leaks in Your Audi

Posted on June 19, 2019 by Carson Wileman
Audi Low Oil Level

Audi drivers may choose their cars because of the incredible craftsmanship and impeccable reputation. The Audi automobile company has been innovating and setting standards for other automobile manufacturers since 1899.

Audi owners know they are driving a special class of automobile. While it is important to keep up with maintenance and care of all cars, Audi owners are particularly thoughtful in planning their car maintenance. They are astute observers, watching and feeling for changes in their Audi so that they can keep their Audi in prime condition.

Regular maintenance requires service professionals who are specially trained to work on Audi cars. When something is wrong with your Audi, it might be easy to notice there’s a problem, but it’s not always easy to know what is causing the problem. Let’s discuss valve cover leaks and where to go for help.

What are valve cover leaks?

Below are some signs that may indicate that your valve cover is leaking oil.

Smelling Smoke or Burning Oil

When the valve cover is cracked or leaking, oil can drip onto the engine. When the engine heats up, the residue will produce an odor. You may even see a small amount of smoke. If you smell something like burning oil or smoke when your car is running, have it checked out as soon as possible. If the oil is able to run down the engine and it comes in contact with the exhaust manifold, there is a risk that your car can catch fire. This is rare but obviously very serious. Any sign that your car is leaking oil should be addressed by an Audi service specialist immediately.

Gunky Residue on the Valve Cover

If you look under the hood of your Audi, the valve cover is located at the top of the cylinder. This should be clean from sticky or gunky residue. Gunky residue on the valve cover can be a sign that oil is leaking, or weeping, from the cover. You may not actually see a leak, but the buildup of residue indicates that there is oil accumulating from the valve cover or corresponding gasket.

Running Rough

Audi’s are known for their stability on the road. As an Audi owner, you will likely notice if your car starts running rough. If the valve cover is leaking, oil may make its way to the spark plugs, which can cause the car to misfire or run rough. If your Audi is misfiring, it should be checked by an Audi service specialist as soon as possible to prevent any additional damage from occurring.

Low Oil Level

A leaky valve cover will reduce your oil level. If the leak is small or if it is more like a weep than leak, it might reduce slowly. This might be the first indicator you receive that something is wrong. If you are losing oil, it’s important to find the source of the leak and have it fixed by a Audi service specialist as soon as possible. Do not run your car with low oil. The can cause significant damage to your car’s engine.

Causes of Valve Cover Leaks

Valve covers are fairly sturdy, but normal use of any car will cause wear and tear on mechanical components. Temperature extremes Audi Spark Plug Check can also play a significant role in shortening the life span of some car parts. The summer heat can result in small shifts in size and shape of either the valve itself, or the corresponding gasket. Corrosion can also cause damage mechanical parts if they are exposed to moisture. Salty, humid air near the ocean may speed up the corrosive process.

Using qualified Audi service professionals to perform regular maintenance and to look for possible issues with the mechanical parts of your car can help save the expense of a big repair bill later.

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