Tips to Detect Engine Mount Failure in Your Mini

Posted on April 1, 2020 by Carson Wileman
MINI Broken Engine Mount

Your Mini uses a variety of rubber parts to protect important parts from damage and also to absorb some of the shocks and vibrations from the vehicle as it moves over the road. Your Mini utilizes rubber engine mounts that are used to secure the engine under the hood. Let’s take a look at how you can tell if the engine mounts in your Mini have failed.

Loud Engine

Of course all engines make some noise, but one of the chief roles of your engine mount is to reduce the amount of noise that comes from your engine by securing it in place. While loud running sounds can be caused by other issues too, knocking and clunking sounds tend to be indicative of engine mount trouble.

Increased Vibrations

Again, all cars tend to have a gentle hum of the engine, but when this slips into more intense vibrations, the matter needs to be investigated. As mentioned, the engine mounts keep the engine securely in place, limiting its movement and therefore, reducing the amount of vibrations it can produce. You’ll be able to feel these vibrations and judders while operating your Mini. This tends to point to mounts which are no longer able to absorb the vibrations from the engine.

Engine Misalignment

As the mounts keep the engine exactly where it’s meant to be, when they start to fail, the engine may become misaligned. This can result in the engine being slightly off center or one corner of the engine dipping noticeably lower than the other. An engine should also be kept level, so a misalignment of this type needs to be addressed quickly to prevent damage.

Fan Belt Damage/ Broken Radiator Hoses

After driving at higher speed, you may notice your Mini running strangely. You may pop the hood and discover damage to the fan belt or radiator hoses. If so, you’ll likely need to turn your attention to the engine mounts as a potential cause. An engine that is able to bounce around excessively under the hood can easily damage parts, such as the fan belt and radiator hoses.

Engine Damage

This isn’t exactly a symptom but is much more a catastrophic end result or worst-case scenario. When the engine lacks proper support, either on one side or all over, the natural vibrations it produces as goes through the combustion process will cause it to bounce around and damage itself. Remember, the engine is also packed with sensitive sensors and electronic equipment, so any extra movement can wreak havoc on these parts and leave you with a costly repair bill for a complete engine rebuild.

Why Engine Mounts Fail

There are multiple reasons for Mini’s engine mounts to develop problems:

Incorrect Installation

Poorly-installed engine mounts can result in your engine being mounted at an incorrect position, which not only can damage the engine but can also make the mounts fail more quickly. This is why you should only take your Mini to a reputable auto repair shop for servicing.

Defective Mounts

As with any area of manufacture, it is not uncommon for a bad batch to be mistakenly released. Keep an eye out for recalls and service bulletins to make sure your mounts aren’t defective.

Wear and Tear

Your engine mounts are meant to last some time, but they rarely last the entire lifespan of your vehicle. Engine mounts are made of rubber, which is known to naturally dry out and deteriorate over time. This will lead to it cracking and loosing the fluid it has inside, causing the need for replacement.

Manual Transmission

One of the best things about manual transmission is the extra control you have over your Mini. However, if you don’t operate your manual transmission correctly, you can damage your Mini’s motor mounts. Actions such as over-revving your gears and riding the clutch can all limit the lifespan of the mounts.

MINI Engine Mount Failure Fix

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