Why Your MINI Needs Supercharger Oil

Posted on April 2, 2019 by Carson Wileman
Mini Cooper Car

The supercharger in a car is a device within a car that plays the important role of ensuring that the engine’s power output is at optimum levels. While the MINI Cooper is a typically small car, the manufacturer has been able to make it one of the most top performing vehicles in the market with a notoriously reliable engine to boot. To further boost the performance of the engine, the MINI is fitted with a supercharger. This is a device that is attached to the engine through a belt that powers it.

This device works by compressing air that is then directed into the intake manifold in the engine. Once the compressed air is cooled in the intercooler, it is allowed into the engine to facilitate proper combustion in the internal combustion chamber. By introducing more compressed air into the combustion chamber, the supercharger enables the engine to function more effectively and achieve better fuel efficiency.

Seeing as the supercharger is powered by the belt that operates on a pulley-belt system that is driven by the engine, this belt requires lubrication to keep it running smoothly.

Signs of Supercharger Oil Issues

When the supercharger oil in your MINI runs low or wears out it becomes noticeable almost immediately. Some of the signs that you will notice in your MINI when the supercharger oil needs replacing include a range of strange noises coming from within the engine compartment. These noises can be in the form of low clacking to rough growling and other variations in between.

Lack of supercharger oil is the main cause of these noises alongside using oil that is too old. The irregular amount of air getting through the supercharger will also cause some noises to emanate from the engine. The surpercharger wearing out is also often a result of poor quality of oil or low levels of oil, which reduces the lubrication severely. Increased friction that is caused by this lack of supercharger oil causes the different parts to wear out much faster than anticipated by the manufacturer.

The Importance of Supercharger Oil

The supercharger oil plays a huge role in ensuring that there is enough air in the internal combustion chamber. This is what enables the MINI to produce such impressive horse power. This improved performance is usually as a direct result of increased air pressure from the amount of air getting into the engine’s combustion chamber.

The main reason why you should insist on changing the supercharger oil in your engine is because of its lubricating function. When the oil levels get low or the oil becomes worn and therefore does not reduce friction as well, your car is left exposed to excessive friction and heat. This will wear out your engine components prematurely and, in worst case scenarios, can cause permanent engine damage.

Changing the supercharger oil will also significantly improve engine performance. This will also make your driving experience to be much better because of the varied performance that your MINI will be able to achieve. In addition to better performance, changing the supercharger oil will ensure that your MINI is able to achieve improved fuel efficiency. This is because there will be sufficient amounts of compressed air getting into the engine’s internal combustion chamber, thus guaranteeing maximum fuel combustion.


The supercharger in your car may appear to be a small device within the engine, but when it develops a problem the effects will hardly be missed. This is especially because most MINI drivers are drawn to the car for its performance and ease of customization. When the supercharger oil in your MINI runs out or wears out it can cause a myriad of problems for your car and affect your overall driving experience negatively. This is why you need to maintain a regular servicing schedule where the oil is replaced as often as your mechanic recommends.

Mini Cooper Oil Level Check

When the supercharger oil completely wears out and it starts to affect the functions of the supercharger itself, you should make an effort to take the car in for a check up immediately. This will make it possible to remedy the situation before any tangible harm comes to your MINI.

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