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Posted on June 14, 2022 by Carson Wileman
BMW Poor Fuel Efficiency

Despite BMWs quality build and reliability, the brand can experience high-pressure fuel pump failure. When the pressure pump fails, you may notice power loss, engine surge, reduced fuel efficiency, and in extreme cases, difficulty starting the engine.

The high-pressure fuel pump in your BMW is located inside the fuel tank and is in charge of transporting pressurized fuel needed for combustion to the engine. Discussed below are the symptoms and causes of a failed high-pressure fuel pump in your BMW.

Symptoms of High-Pressure Fuel Pump Failure in BMW

There are several indicators that your BMW’s high-pressure fuel pump is faulty. The following are some of the most prevalent signs and symptoms to look out for:

  • Difficulty starting the engine: The high-pressure fuel pump is in charge of supplying fuel to the engine for combustion. When the pump completely fails, it may not be able to transfer fuel to the fuel injectors as efficiently as it once did, thus causing difficulty starting your engine. The engine may crank but won’t turn over.
  • Power loss: If your BMW loses power frequently when you try to accelerate, your fuel pump may be the cause. A failing fuel pump has a reduced efficiency which in turn affects its capacity to deliver the fuel required for the increased engine demand. This causes the engine to lose power when moving uphill or towing heavy loads.
  • Engine surge: Engine surge occurs when a car accelerates abruptly for a few moments even though the driver hasn’t pressed the gas pedal. Surges in your BMW are usually a result of a failed high-pressure fuel pump. When this happens, the fuel pump injects fuel into the engine wrongly, causing combustion to begin at an inappropriate time or at a different pace.
  • Poor fuel efficiency: One common symptom of a failing high fuel pump pressure is poor fuel efficiency. When your high-pressure fuel pump comes down with any problem, your fuel efficiency will decrease significantly. So when your BMW’s fuel pump malfunctions, your car tends to consume more fuel due to its poor regulation.

Causes of High-Pressure Fuel Pump Failure in BMW

The following factors could cause the failure of your high-pressure fuel pump:

  • Compromised pump: When fuel is being injected into the engine, there is usually a high pressure in its injection. The unending pressure eventually impacts the pump’s structural integrity causing fuel leaks.
  • Worn out pump: The consistent use of the pump makes it wear down after an extended period of use. When there are symptoms of leakage, low acceleration, and engine failure, it is an indication of worn-out pumps and should be replaced.
  • Contaminated fuel: Fuel contaminants from a rusty fuel tank or compromised gas impacts the fuel pump. The pump tries to filter out the contaminants but only captures the larger particles and the smaller ones make it into the pump, clogging the pump. When this happens, the capacity of the pump to function optimally is consequently impacted.
  • Low fuel levels: Low fuel levels also impact the pump’s functioning. Running on low fuel level makes the pump exert more force in drawing out fuel from the tank. The straining could in turn impact the pump’s longevity.

Since the fuel pump in your BMW is in charge of delivering pressurized fuel to your engine, any issue with the pump will affect your vehicle’s overall performance. Whenever you notice that your pump is failing, it is best to contact a professional to have it replaced.

Keith Cox Autobahn: The Best Solution for Your Failed High-Pressure Pump

If you notice any of the symptoms discussed above in your BMW, it is an indicator that your high-pressure fuel pump BMW High-Pressure Fuel Pump Repair has failed and is due for replacement. At Keith Cox Autobahn, we are experienced in replacing the failed high-pressure fuel pumps in BMWs. We provide the best European vehicle service and repairs. Our ASE-certified mechanics employ the latest factory-grade tools and equipment to ensure quality maintenance and repairs.

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