Reasons Behind Starting Issues in a Mercedes From the Expert Mechanics in Bellingham

Posted on October 4, 2021 by Carson Wileman
Mercedes Starting Issue

Mercedes Benz models are not immune to issues that include the starter and it’s ignition system. A car cannot be driven if it cannot be started, making this one of the more frustrating and serious problems that exist when owning a vehicle. Although it could be due to something as simple as a dead battery, a problem with the starter can be much more problematic and involve the electrical, fuel, or security systems.

Causes of Mercedes No-Start Condition

Let’s review some of the reasons your Mercedes could have problems starting and what can be done about it:

  • The Battery: Perhaps the most obvious reason your car may not start is that the battery is dead. If this is true, you might need to replace it. In some cases, you can get a jumpstart and the battery will be able to recharge and last a while longer. This is something that depends on how low the voltage was as well as the age of the battery, presence of corrosion, etc.
  • No Fuel: Having no gas in the tank means a vehicle cannot start, but problems with the fuel system go further than that. For example, you could have bad fuel injectors, which are responsible for spraying fuel into cylinders for the combustion process. A bad fuel pump can be the pulpit, as this mechanism is responsible for pushing fuel through the system. There could be an issue with the electrical system that is attached to the fuel system, such as a blown fuse that is necessary for the fuel pump to operate.
  • The Starter: Another problem could be the starter motor This motor is needed to start the car, hence the name. If this fails, you simply cannot start your Mercedes engine. You might hear abnormal sounds when attempting to start your car, or nothing at all as it completely dies, complicating the diagnostic process.
  • Malfunction in the Anti-Theft System: Many newer models of Mercedes are equipped with security systems. While this is generally a good thing, it can sometimes effectively prevent the rightful owner from starting the vehicle. Often, this needs professional attention to disarm the security system and grant access to the vehicle once more.
  • Sensors: Modern cars depend on many sensors for full functionality. The camshaft and crankshaft sensors are two that are necessary for an engine running properly. Each of these sensors relates to engine timing by monitoring the positioning of the camshafts and/or crankshafts. If unable to do so, the vehicle might not start at all. Note, however, that you can have a running vehicle and problems with these sensors, but it will likely manifest as very rough running conditions.

As can be seen, there are many possible reasons your Mercedes Benz fails to start. Further, some of these symptoms point to a single solution, such as replacing the battery, whereas others are much more in-depth like a sensor failure, trouble with wiring leading to failure of mechanical components, etc. This means it can be best to take your Mercedes to a qualified automotive service center to have it inspected properly and fixed correctly.

Also be mindful that when there are issues with the battery and/or other electrical components, only those with the proper training and equipment should work on these items, as it is dangerous to work on electrical systems generally.

Keith Cox Autobahn for your Mercedes Starter Issues

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